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“Stargate: The Ark of Truth” brings to an electrifying conclusion the mounting conflict between the Stargate SG-1 team and their ultimate nemesis, in a final battle to save Earth.  The storyline, set in motion in season nine, pits our heroes against the menacing Ori, an ascended race of beings with unimaginable power who, under the guise of their religion, Origin, are systematically forcing hundreds of civilizations throughout the universe to worship them as gods or face annihilation.

Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Vala Mal Doran and the alien, Teal’c, all members of the elite Stargate SG-1 team, travel to the ruins of Dakara in hopes of finding the fabled Ark of Truth.   Built by the Alterans, (builders of the stargates), millions of years before, this ancient artifact  may be the sole means remaining to defeat the Ori armies who have thus far proven unstoppable in their quest to conquer the universe in the name of their religion, Origin.    

This failed mission is intercepted by Tomin, Vala’s husband, a reticent commander in the Ori army. Vala convinces him that he has slaughtered thousands in the service of false gods and begs him to return with them to Earth.  There he reveals that the Ori crusade is planning to bring another wave of ships through the supergate, confirming that a coordinated attack on Earth is imminent.  With Tomin’s help, a renewed search for the location of the illusive Ark earmarks an Ori stronghold, the holy city of Celestis. But despite his co-operation, Tomin is  interrogated by James Marrick, a member of the IOC, the International Oversight Committee, who is distrustful of Tomin’s motives.

With Mitchell reluctantly in command of the battle cruiser the USS Odyssey and Marrick charged with over-seeing the mission, Tomin and the SG-1 team make their way to a distant galaxy – and the heartland of the Ori forces.  But what they find there will challenge them all in ways they could never have imagined.

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DirectorRobert C. Cooper
Writer(Developer)Brad Wright
Writer (Developer)Jonathan Glassner
WriterRobert C. Cooper
ProducerRobert C. Cooper
ProducerJohn G.Lenic
Executive ProducerN.John Smith
Executive ProducerAllison Volk
ProducerBrad Wright
Lt. Col. Cameron MitchellBen Browder
Lt. Col. Samantha CArterAmanda Tapping
Teal'cChristopher Judge
Dr. Daniel JacksonMichael Shanks
Major General Hank LandryBeau Bridges
Vala Mal DoranClaudia Black
James MarrickCurrie Graham
AdriaMorena Baccarin
TominTim Guinee
The DociJulian Sands
Morgan Le Fay / Ganos LalSarah Strange
Colonel Abe EllisMichael Beach
Chief Master Sgt. Walter HarrimanGary Jones
Major MarksMArtin Christopher
Hertis ( Christopher Gauthier)Chris Gauthier
Colonel ReynoldsEric Breker
MerlinMatthew Walker
Alteran WomanAlisen Down
Alteran Woman #2Gabrielle Rose
AmeliusFabrice Grover
Captain BinderSpencer Maybee
Alteran ManSimon Bradbury
Ori WarriorJason Calder
Prior #1Greg Anderson
Prior #2Doug Abrahams
Prior #3Morris Chapdelaine
Prior #4Nicholas Podbrey
Prior #5Ian A. Wallace (Ian Wallace)
Prior #6J. Douglas StewArt

Executives and Assistants

Executive ProducerBrad Wright
Executive Producer / DirectorRobert C. Cooper
Executive ProducerN. John Smith
ProducerJohn G. Lenic
Script CoordinatorAlex Levine
Executive Producer's AssistantLawren Bancroft-Wilson


Production ManagerGeorge Horie
Co Production CoordinatorTanja Balic
Co production CoordinatorDavid Magee
Asst Production CoordinatorJanet Glowa
Office Production Assistant AtlantisNathan Conchie
Producer's AssistantTony Ng'ung'ui Kung'u

Art Department

Production Designer
Supervising Art DirectorJames Robbins
Art DirectorChris Beach
Asst. Art DirectorDavid Clarke
Asst. Art DirectorSheila Millar
Art Dept. Asst.JEnnifer Kidd

Assistant Directors

1st Assistant DirectorBill Mizel
2nd Assistant DirectorVince Coates
3rd Assistant DirectorGraham Cairns
3rd Assistant DirectorKathleen Arnott
3rd Assistant DirectorStave Catlin

Camera Department

Director of PhotographyPeter Woeste
Steady/A Cam OperatorSteven Adelson
B Cam OperatorAndy Wilson
1st AssistantTerry McEwan
1st AssistantDean Friss
2nd AssistantArtino Ahmadi
2nd AssistantMorgan Maclaughlin
Stills Camera Department PhotographerEike Schroter
Camera TraineeAshton Harmon

Casting (USA)

Casting DirectorPaul Weber
Casting AssistantJennifer Lurey

Casting (Canada)

Casting DirectorSean Cossey
Casting AssociateElisa Bayley
Extras CastingSandra Couldwell

Catering Department

Star Lit CateringWill Baum
ChefSteve Risa
Assistant ChefAnthea Morrison
Assistant ChefChris Deaver

Construction Department

Construction CoordinatorScott Wellenbrink
Construction Buyer
OFA III (First Aid Certification
G. Scott Stewart
Construction ForemanWard Galvin
Construction ForemanDoug Jang
Lead CarpenterHenry Parker
Lead CarpenterPatrick Booker
Lead CarpenterRoy Gervais
Lead CarpenterIan Reiman
Lead CarpenterRussell Sheils
Lead CarpenterColin White
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Lead CarpenterJason McKenna
Lead CarpenterJohn Noel
Lead CarpenterDoug Schmidt
Lead CarpenterTor Baxter
Lead CarpenterSpencer Stevenson
Lead CarpenterMike Osborne
Scenic CarpenterKen Laderoute
Scenic CarpenterChris Barrett
Scenic CarpenterLyly Barwick
Maintenance PersonKevin Yanciw
Maintenance PersonAaron Wells
Lead Metal Fabricator
OFA III (First Aid Certification)CXV
Tony Fiorse
LEad Metal Fabricator
OFA III (First Aid Certification) CXV
Mario Orologio


SCript SupervisorLinda-Lisa Hayter

Costume Department

Costume DesignerChristina McQuarrie
Asst. Costume DesignerElizabeth Raap
Costume CoordinatorLana Krause
Set SupervisorNicola Ryall
Performer CostumerJodie Petford
Extras CostumerMeg Schmon
Extras CostumerLaurel Morgan
CutterKieu Nguyen
CutterJulia Lin
CutterSlavica Grkavac
BreakdownJoan Lovett
StitcherGloria Chan
StitcherNora Bautista
StitcherBarbara Gasior
StitcherRoma Wnuk
StitcherDebbie Winston

First Aid/Craft Service

First Aid/Craft ServiceGlenn Mowatt

Greens Department

Head GreensJoel Turner
Best GreensCal Barnett

Grip Department

Key GripDavid Ferreira
Best Boy GripMike Mossman
A Cam Dolly GripANthony Creery
B Cam Dolly GripMark Leiterman
Grip Lead Hand Set-UpStan Dim
Key Rigging GripKen Young
Best Boy Rigging gripDamon Faulkner

Hair Department

Key HairRichard Kohlen
1st Assistant HairCharmaine Clark

Lighting Department

GafferCory Hodson
Best Boy ElectricPhilippe LaCroix
Lamp OpRandy Smith
Lamp OpMichael Auger
Genny OpBrian Lymer
Board OperatorRichard Boisvert
Rigging GafferChristian Rayner
Rigging Best BoyKeith Woods

Locations Department

Location ManagerLorne Davidson
Assistant Location ManagerDominic Main
TalKinnon Ross
Key PAJason Yee
PAMeaghan Goldstraw

Make-Up Department

Key Make-Up ArtistJan Newman
1st AssistantDorothee Deichmann
Prosthetic Make-Up DesignerTodd Masters
Proshetics Co-ordinatorNicholas Podbrey
Make Up Effects ArtistDan Rebert
Make Up Effects ArtistRachel Griffin
Make Up Effects ArtistSarah Pickersgill
Contact Lens TechStevie Williams
Contact Lens TechMarcie Peter

Model Shop

Head Model MakerGordon Bellamy

Paint Department

Paint CoordinatorSteve Craine
Paint ForemanDavid Jones
Lead PainterStephen Vance
Lead PainterJohn Keys
Lead PainterDarcy Yurchuk
Set PainterRick Colledge
PainterJason Renker
PlasterClaes St. Cyr
Scenic Artist (Set)Scott Clatney
Scenic ArtistYvonne Peddemors
Scenic ArtistPeter Combe
Scenic ArtistJerry McLaughlin
Scenic ArtistMatt Pooley
Scenic ArtistJo Riley
Scenic PainterTyler Lavoie
Scenic PainterRick De Coine
Scenic PainterLinda Chiz
Scenic PainterChristopher Hunt
Sign WriterBoyd Godfrey
CNC OperatorSandy Hegyi
Lead LabourerBryan Beckett

Post Production

Post Production ConsultantR. Michael Eliot
Associate ProducerAllison Volk
EditorStein Myhrstad
1st Assistant EditorDoug Oke
DubberGreta Schell

Property Department

Property MasterKenny L. Gibbs
Asst. Prop MasterAndras Bagoly
Asst. Prop MasterTroy Eirich
Props BuyerKevin Cockell
Truck SupervisorThomas Baleshta

Publicity Department

PublicistBrigitte Prochaska
Promotions CoordinatorCarole Appleby
DVD "Behind The Scenes" Producer/DirectorIvon Bartok

Set Decorating Department

Set DecoratorMark Davidson
Set DecoratorRobert Davidson
Assistant Set DecoratorMike Molson
BuyerAl Schedler
Lead DresserKevin Kasper
Lead DresserTim Higgins
Set DresserVance Irvine
Set DresserMike Marston
Set DresserJosee Talbot
Set DresserGuy Miller
On Set DresserShane Wanless

Sound Department

Sound MixerBill Skinner
Boom OperatorJim LaCamel
Sound AssistantCameron Foodikoff

Special Effects Department

SPFXL Effects CoordinatorWray Douglas
SPFX CoordinatorScott Stofer
SPFX Shop SupervisorNick Lawson
SPFX Set SupervisorGreg Pyne

Stand Ins

Female Stand InNicole Rudell
Female Stand InShelly Devuyst
Male Stand InFinn Michael
Male Stand InHerbert Duncanson

Stunt Department

Stunt CoordinatorDan Shea
Fight CoordinatorJames Bamford

Transportation Department

Transport CoordinatorLen Chan
Transport CaptainDon Dykens
Co-CaptainMatt Brown
Hair/M.U./WardropeGary Horne
Star WagonSteve Symchyek
TrailersDale Johnson
Cast DriverDixie Halldorsen
Cast DriverJohn Oliver
Honey WagonCharlie Brown
Cable TruckJohn Derushie
SPFX DriverDave Kvash
Security CaptainKim Howes
Set Dec DriverHarry Hachey

Visual Effects Department

VFX SupervisorMichelle Comens
VFX CoordinatorStephen Bahr
VFX Assistant CoordinatorSonia Gilmore

Visual Effects Playback

Playback Supervisor/Digital Matte PainterKrista McLean
Playback ArtistRob Fitzsimmons
Playback ArtistCarina Dielissen Hunt
Playback ArtistJulie Oya
On Set Playback TechBilly Martin
On Set Playback TechBlair Walters

Visual Effects Shop Artists

Digital SupervisorChristopher Stewart
In-House VFX Manager / Coord.Janice Groom
Lead CompositorErica Henderson
CompositorKodie MacKenzie
Shop CompositorVivian Jim
3D ArtistJeremy Hampton
3D ArtistJamie Kawano
3D ArtistMichael Lowes
3D ArtistScott Paquin
IT Support VFXJesse Rieger
Junior CompositorNatalia Diaz