Original Air Date: 10/09/2009

With the air supply failing on the Destiny, a team disembarks to a desert-like planet in search of the mineral needed to scrub the ship's air of carbon dioxide. After testing numerous sand samples without success, and with their window of opportunity closing fast, the group opts to split into two to cover more ground, despite the unbearable heat.  While one team presses on to find the treasured mineral, the other has another goal in mind.  When it is apparent that Dr. Rush (ROBERT CARLYLE) can’t go on, Lt. Scott (BRIAN J. SMITH) decides to go it alone and orders Sgt. Greer (JAMIL WALKER SMITH) to return to safety with the exhausted scientist.
Meanwhile, with life on the ship looking bleak, and with the aid of the communication stones, Col. Young (LOUIS FERREIRA) reports in to O'Neill, and Chloe (ELYSE LEVESQUE), has one last chance to see her mother.