Original Air Date: 07/22/2005

Trapped along with Teal'c and Vala far beneath England's Glastonbury Tor, Daniel and Mitchell have only seconds to outwit the Ancient snares in which they're caught. Once they succeed, they have to handle only one or two more small details — such as a near-impossible swordfight with an inhuman knight — before they win access to the cave's vast treasure. Amid the standard-issue gold and jewels, Daniel uncovers a horde of books apparently written by the Ancients. They tell a fantastic tale: The highly advanced Ancients may have once called themselves the Altera, and may have evolved in a far distant galaxy. The crew excavating the treasure also finds a piece of Ancient equipment, which Daniel believes is a communications device. Always eager to uncover more secrets of the Ancients, and excited by the possibility of visiting galaxies beyond the reach of the stargates, Daniel persuades Mitchell and Gen. Landry to let him test the machine. Within seconds, he and Vala — whose lives are still bound to one another by the Jaffa bracelets — drop to the ground, unconscious. Already developing a keen sense of how things work at Stargate Command, Mitchell deduces that this is a bad sign and puts the two under medical supervision. Similarly worried, Teal'c skips a critical meeting of the new Jaffa council to stay by his friend Daniel's side. Meanwhile, Daniel and Vala find themselves inhabiting the bodies of two married villagers on a distant planet. Being married to Vala — in even the remotest possible sense — gives Daniel the creeps, even before he learns that the villagers are devout worshippers of all-powerful and unforgiving beings called the Ori. What's worse, the two people whose bodies Daniel and Vala are inhabiting are suspected of heresy against these mysterious gods. Before long, Vala ends up chained to a sacrificial altar, about to be burned to death by the village's Administrator and his fanatical followers. Restrained by the vehement villagers, there's nothing Daniel can do but watch in horror as the flames are lit. Back on Earth, Mitchell and the others are watching, too, as Vala slips toward death. Because of the bracelets, if she dies, so will Daniel. Apparently, only divine intervention can save the pair now....

Cameron Mitchell

Ben Browder as Cameron Mitchell

Samantha Carter

Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter


Douglas Christopher Judge as Teal'C

Daniel Jackson

Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson

Hank Landry

Beau Bridges as Hank Landry



Robert C. Cooper


Andy Mikita