Original Air Date: 03/11/2005

With the planet of Dakara and the Ancient weapon now in the hands of the Free Jaffa, Anubis plans to reconquer the planet and, thanks to Ba'al's modifications to the stargate, use the Ancient weapon to destroy all life in the galaxy at once. At Stargate Command, Lt. Col. Samantha Carter introduces her fiancé, Pete Shanahan, to her father Jacob and his Tok'ra symbiote, Selmak. Later, Teal'c, Bra'tac, Carter, Jacob/Selmak and Gen. O'Neill discuss the delicate situation on Dakara: The Free Jaffa Nation is now in control of the Ancient weapon. They are reluctant to destroy it, because it has become a symbol of their freedom and also ensures their safety. O'Neill argues that no one should be allowed to wield that much power: The weapon must be destroyed. The council decides to seek out and kill Anubis (if he can be killed) and defeat the Goa'uld. Once that is done, they will reconsider destroying the weapon. Their intelligence reveals that Anubis might be marshalling his remaining forces on Tartarus. The Jaffa will strike him there. Meanwhile, having been fatally wounded by Replicator Carter aboard her ship before it was destroyed, Dr. Daniel Jackson finds himself in a diner in which he once ate as a boy. His waitress is Oma Desala, who once before helped Daniel to Ascend. She gives Daniel the choice to Ascend again or walk out the diner door, which leads to an ordinary death. The patrons at the restaurant (all Ascended) watch Daniel and Oma very carefully. No one there will talk to Daniel except for Oma and a rotund businessman named Jim. Jim explains that he and Oma operate a bit beyond the rules of the Ascended. He also shows Daniel the latest headline in the Ascended Times, which reveals Anubis' "Dastardly Plot to Regain Ancient Weapon of Destruction." On Earth, Carter receives disturbing news: Her father's Tok'ra symbiote, Selmak, is dying, and he doesn't have the strength needed to prevent Jacob from dying during the process. She also feels she might be making a big mistake with this marriage to Pete and goes to O'Neill's house to tell him "something important." Finding O'Neill in cozy repose with beautiful CIA Agent Johnson, however, stops her and she excuses herself from the awkward moment. Agent Johnson realizes what's really going on and tells O'Neill to admit that he has feelings for Carter. Furthermore, Johnson says, because Air Force rules and regulations bar O'Neill from fraternizing with a direct subordinate, he should consider retiring. Elsewhere, Jacob gives Carter a similar speech. O'Neill arrives and is there for Carter as Jacob/Selmak dies and tells her he will he always be with her. Carter cancels her wedding to Pete. At the restaurant, Daniel learns from Jim that it was Oma who helped Anubis Ascend. Oma explains to Daniel that she was tricked by Anubis, not realizing how evil he was. Her punishment was to watch Anubis terrorize the galaxy in half-Ascended form. If not for her, Anubis would be dead and no threat to anyone. Meanwhile, Bra'tac and Teal'c arrive at Tartarus to face minimal Goa'uld resistance. Then they realize the horrible truth: Anubis has lured the Free Jaffa here while he slaughters their people on Dakara. In the restaurant, Jim shows Daniel the latest edition of the Ascended Times, which says that Anubis is about to acquire the Ancient weapon. He's even gloating about it. Suddenly, everything becomes clear to Daniel: Jim is Anubis. At Stargate Command, there is an unscheduled off-world activation. It looks like Anubis is using the weapon. O'Neill orders the self-destruct. Daniel is powerless to stop Anubis. Oma can't destroy him, but she can still fight him — for eternity. She becomes pure energy and rushes at him. They rise toward the ceiling and vanish in a swirling stream of cosmic light. Back at Stargate Command, the stargate shuts down. The self-destruct freezes. Bra'tac and Teal'c inform O'Neill that Anubis' forces, suddenly without a leader, became confused and were easily defeated. The victory has united the Free Jaffa at Dakara as never before, and they now agree to destroy the weapon immediately. Then Daniel's voice is heard from another room. He has returned from the dead, again, and just as naked as he was the first time. O'Neill, Carter, Teal'c and Daniel then do something they all feel they should have done a long time ago: They go fishing.


Richard Dean Anderson as Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill

Samantha Carter

Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter


Douglas Christopher Judge as Teal'C

Daniel Jackson

Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson

George Hammond

Don S. Davis as George Hammond



Robert Cooper


Andy Mikita