Original Air Date: 03/04/2005

Hidden in the ruins of the temple on Dakara is an Ancient weapon powerful enough to destroy the Replicators and all life in the galaxy. Thanks to Ba'al's timely warning, Gen. O'Neill, Lt. Col. Samantha Carter and her father, Jacob/Selmak, know it. And thanks to Dr. Daniel Jackson's repressed Ancient knowledge, from when he was Ascended, Replicator Carter knows it, as well. It's only a matter of who finds the weapon first. Carter and Jacob/Selmak arrive at Dakara. Teal'c shows them a wall marked with Ancient writing. It's a good bet that the weapon is behind it and that the writing is the key to opening the wall. Despite Selmak's efforts to decipher it, all he comes up with is gibberish. Time grows short. Teal'c informs them that sensors show Ba'al's fleet will arrive within the hour. On the Replicator ship, Replicator Carter has only just begun to probe Daniel's mind for the secrets of the Ancients and the way to destroy Anubis. On Dakara, Carter figures out how to decode the writings, and she opens the wall. Inside, they find the weapon. They are about to plant the bomb to blow it up when Jacob/Selmak notices that it works much like the disrupter O'Neill built using Ancient knowledge to defeat the Replicators. Consequently, this weapon might possibly be modified to work only on the Replicators. Ba'al arrives and begins attacking the rebel fleet. Bra'tac orders the fleet to fall back, hoping to lure Ba'al into an ambush from rebel forces hidden behind the moon, but Ba'al doesn't take the bait. On Dakara, Carter and Jacob/Selmak try to modify the output of the Ancient weapon to match that of the disrupter technology. Even then, in order to hit the Replicators everywhere in the galaxy before they adapt to the technology, one would have to dial all the stargates in the galaxy simultaneously. Selmak doesn't know how to reprogram a stargate to do this. Carter, however, knows who does: Ba'al. Ba'al is contacted and beams his holographic transmission into the weapon chamber. To their surprise, he immediately accepts the proposal to work with a Tok'ra and a female Tauri (Earth human) to defeat the Replicators. Back on Earth, Stargate Command has been compromised by the Replicators — and so has the base's self-destruct protocol. O'Neill begins a base evacuation. The president authorizes the detonation of a 10-kiloton nuclear warhead on the site, on O'Neill's command. On the Replicator ship, Replicator Carter is in for a surprise. While she was in Daniel's mind, he got into hers using some of the Ancient knowledge that she unlocked. He won't let her out of his mind or leave hers until he learns how to defeat the Replicators. The situation at Stargate Command looks hopeless. O'Neill relays a message to Gen. George Hammond: Drop the nuke ASAP. O'Neill decides to evacuate his men through the stargate. On Dakara, Ba'al shows Carter how to alter the stargate's DHD to dial all the other stargates simultaneously and helps her and her father modify the energy wave. They are almost finished when Ba'al's ship falls under Replicator attack. His holographic transmission fades out. Carter and Jacob/Selmak are on their own. Suddenly, all the Replicators throughout the galaxy freeze. Daniel has achieved control over them, but his human brain can't keep control for long. Replicator Carter stabs Daniel. The Replicators resume their destruction of Stargate Command, Dakara and the rest of the galaxy. Jacob/Selmak finishes modifying the weapon and activates it. The wave shoots through the stargate and bursts from all the stargates across the galaxy. Replicators everywhere are destroyed, including Replicator Carter and her ship, with the dying Daniel Jackson aboard. With the Replicator ships above Dakara dormant, Ba'al orders Teal'c to surrender — but the rebel forces are already aboard Ba'al's ship. Before Bra'tac can kill him, Ba'al beams himself away. However, the fact that Ba'al has fled convinces the Jaffa that he was, indeed, a "false god." The Jaffa have scored a major victory against the Goa'uld. The Replicators have been destroyed. Only then does the SG-1 team face the fateful question: What has become of Daniel?


Richard Dean Anderson as Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill

Samantha Carter

Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter


Douglas Christopher Judge as Teal'C

Daniel Jackson

Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson

George Hammond

Don S. Davis as George Hammond



Damian Kindler


Peter DeLuise