Original Air Date: 07/09/2004

After learning from Dr. Daniel Jackson that the Goa'uld are en route to attack Earth, to confirm the existence of the devastating Ancient weapon, Stargate Command leader Dr. Elizabeth Weir arrests the Goa'uld system lords — Camulus, Yu and Amaterasu — who'd come to negotiate an alliance. On Thor's ship, a communication with Penegal of the Asgard High Council reveals that when the Replicator ship was destroyed over the new Asgard homeworld of Orilla, countless Replicator blocks rained down on the planet and began infesting the Asgard's systems. Evacuation is impossible: The Asgard had stored their peoples' minds in computer systems for travel, and later, on Orilla, placed them into cloned bodies. But the Replicators have now infected the systems needed to store those minds again. If the Asgard lose this battle, their peoples' minds will perish along with their bodies. High above Earth, Col. Pendergast — commander of the Prometheus, the sole SGC combat spacecraft — braces for battle with the Goa'uld. But to his surprise and relief, the vessel that suddenly hails them is the Daniel Jackson, captained by Earth's ally Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet. Teal'c and Thor have a plan to save both Orilla and Col. O'Neill, who lies in stasis with the entire knowledge of the Ancients in his mind. Only the Asgard can remove the knowledge before it kills him — yet only with the Ancient knowledge can O'Neill create a weapon capable of defeating the Replicators. The presence of Thor's ship has impressed the Goa'uld system lords, who thought the Asgard had abandoned the Tauri (people of Earth). They are also surprised to learn, through Daniel's translation of an intercepted coded message, that the Goa'uld ship that was advancing to test Earth's new weapon isn't coming: It has been destroyed by system lord Ba'al. Having given the Goa'uld the bad news, Daniel is suddenly beamed up to Thor's ship. Thor also beams O'Neill from his Antarctic stasis chamber into another one aboard the Daniel Jackson. Maj. Samantha Carter, thought to have died aboard the Replicator ship, awakens in a farmhouse in Montana. Her boyfriend, Pete Shanahan, has been up since 5 a.m., feeding the pigs and chickens. As happy as she is to see him, Carter knows this can't be real. Aboard the Daniel Jackson, Thor has merged O'Neill's mind with the ship's computer. O'Neill's mind has already scanned the ship's log and is up to speed on the present situation. Appearing as a hologram, O'Neill gets to work whipping up an Ancient device. At Stargate Command, the system lords convince Weir to release them so that they can join the fight against Ba'al. Camulus instead requests asylum, as his fleet has been destroyed and only disgrace awaits him on the other side of the stargate. He claims that while he is of no use fighting Ba'al, he might be of use to Earth. Weir, unsure whether to trust him, considers his offer. Back at the farm, Carter's refusal to buy in to her dream world has made "Pete" so furious that he drops the charade and reveals himself as Fifth — the most advanced of a group of evolved, human-like Replicators, and the one whose "humanity" SG-1 strategically exploited in order to neutralize this highly dangerous robotic race. Having assimilated the human emotions of betrayal, hate and revenge, Fifth has now come to reveal his love for Carter. But Carter explains that she could never return his love or be happy in a dream. Fifth won't hear of it — and we see that, in reality, Carter is in a coma-like state, engulfed in Replicator blocks aboard a spider-like Replicator ship on Orilla. O'Neill has just finished drafting the specs for the mysterious Ancient device when his life signs begin to fade. Thor revives O'Neill, erasing the Ancient knowledge and saving his life. Thor is also able to replicate the device from the specs. The ship arrives at Orilla, where Penegal informs Thor that the Replicators infesting the colony are behaving in an unusually organized fashion — indicating control by a human-form leader. Daniel now has hope for Carter: If a human-form Replicator survived the Asgard attack on their ship, perhaps Carter has, too. A communication from Asgard commander Aegir of the Valhalla comes in. He has lost contact with the colony but has located the remains of a human-form Replicator floating in space. Thor beams it into the stasis pod that O'Neill occupied earlier; he hopes to tap in to the communication system that links all the Replicators, in order to learn the location of the humanoid Replicator on Orilla. Scans produce an image of Carter in her Replicator prison. Suddenly, the Replicator awakens and breaks free. Teal'c, Daniel and O'Neill fire on it, to no effect. Doom is imminent — until O'Neill instinctively grabs the Ancient device and fires. The Replicator disintegrates. The device seems to have permanently disrupted all communication between the Replicator's individual cells, rendering each one inert; Thor will modify a larger version to broadcast a disruption wave over all of Orilla. Teal'c, Daniel and O'Neill, with his disrupter, beam down to Carter's coordinates. They are confronted by an army of Replicator spiders that O'Neill quickly destroys — but Fifth appears and tells O'Neill that if he doesn't stop, Carter will die instantly. While Thor's shipboard disrupter charges, the Replicators retreat into the ship holding Carter. It takes off just as Thor is finally able to set off the disrupter blast, destroying the Replicators still on Orilla. SG-1 finds Carter again lying in the forest, unharmed. She had convinced Fifth that if he truly loved her, he'd let her go. At Stargate Command, Weir packs to go to supervise research on the Antarctic outpost, under orders from the president. Gen. Hammond won't be returning however: He's been promoted to a Pentagon post overseeing all things dealing with Earth's defense. Unofficially, they're calling it the "Office of Homeworld Security." O'Neill has been promoted to brigadier general and placed in charge of Stargate Command. His first official act is to promote Carter to lieutenant colonel. Meanwhile, aboard the Replicator ship, Fifth watches a birth taking place — that of another humanoid Replicator … in the image of Samantha Carter.


Richard Dean Anderson as Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill

Samantha Carter

Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter


Douglas Christopher Judge as Teal'C

Daniel Jackson

Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson

George Hammond

Don S. Davis as George Hammond



Robert Cooper


Andy Mikita