Original Air Date: 03/19/2004

A lot is riding on Col. O'Neill's "fron" — the Ancient word for head: Having had the repository of Ancient knowledge downloaded into his mind, he now, hopefully, will soon know the secret location of The Lost City of the Ancients, where the power to defeat Anubis is thought to lie. And with Anubis and his super-drone army rapidly approaching Earth, SG-1 can only pray that O'Neill will "go Ancient" soon — even though everyone sadly knows that when that happens, O'Neill's physical composition won't be able to stand the transition for long, and he will die. The process seems to have already begun: Dr. Daniel Jackson notices O'Neill has written some Ancient words into a crossword puzzle he was trying to finish while he can still read English. Daniel discerns that they are not words but syllables of two words — Praclarush Taonas, the planet where the Lost City lies. But Daniel also figures out that each syllable also is a clue to the planet's stargate address — one they tried dialing two years ago without success. That means the stargate is buried. Maj. Carter can use the address to chart the planet's position in space, but they'll have to travel there by ship. Dr. Elizabeth Weir — the newly installed head of Stargate Command — reminds them that the starship Prometheus can't be taken now, as it is Earth's last line of defense against Anubis. Teal'c and Bra'tac, however, have procured an unarmed interstellar cargo ship on Chulak. The ship was stolen from Anubis by a free Jaffa named Ronan, who joins them in their mission. They and SG-1 travel to Praclarush Taonas with a load of equipment that O'Neill has packed without knowing why. O'Neill also senses they're not traveling fast enough, and he modifies the engines in a way that even Carter can't fathom. She tells O'Neill she has authorization to take control of the team if she determines his brain has become too overwritten with Ancient consciousness. He tells her to take command now. Anubis begins the attack on Earth. An American aircraft carrier and a battle cruiser are destroyed by one of his ships. Communications across the planet are knocked out. Vice-President Kinsey runs to Stargate Command to 'gate to the Alpha Site. At the White House, President Hayes — who has been meeting with top officials, including Gen. Hammond, and has spoken with a projection of Anubis himself — tells his team to stand and fight. He orders the Prometheus to launch. SG-1 arrives at its destination to find the surface of the planet is molten. Carter surmises that since O'Neill packed Hazmat suits, he knew what they were going to find. He points out a bubble-like anomaly that Carter identifies as a perfectly formed sphere of molten rock. SG-1 rings into the structure as Bra'tac and Ronan move to a safe distance from the planet's intense heat. O'Neill walks to a throne-like chair, takes off his Hazmat hood, sits down and places his hand on an armrest control. The atmosphere in the structure becomes safe. O'Neill then activates a holographic map that shows Earth and says two words: Terra and Atlantis. The location is Antarctica. O'Neill then puts his hood back on and deactivates the map and the atmosphere control. He also activates a panel in the floor, behind which is a power source that they remove. SG-1 signals Bra'tac to ring them out before the structure collapses. Alas, Bra'tac has been severely wounded by Ronan, who is really a spy for Anubis. Bra'tac kills Ronan, and, though he is weakened, he still manages to activate the rings. O'Neill, who now seems to possess the healing power of the Ancients as well as their knowledge, heals Bra'tac. At Stargate Command, Kinsey demands that Dr. Weir allow him to escape to the Alpha Site. Suddenly, an unscheduled offworld activation occurs. Weir closes the iris just before a massive explosion occurs on the other side. Anubis has dialed in. Kinsey isn't going anywhere. He and Weir face off over whether or not to send the Prometheus to cover SG-1 at Antarctica. Kinsey tries to relieve Weir and take command, but President Hayes demands, and receives, Kinsey's resignation via speakerphone and approves Weir's suggestion to send the Prometheus to Antarctica. In Antarctica, at the point O'Neill indicated, the cargo ship burns a hole in the ice with the ring transporter, which O'Neill has radically modified. Anubis' fleet arrives and moves in for the kill. Suddenly, the Prometheus, under the command of Gen. Hammond, arrives with a fleet of F-302 fighter jets. Though outclassed and outgunned, Hammond buys SG-1 the time it needs to ring under the ice. There, O'Neill finds a chamber and utters an Ancient word that Daniel translates as "sleep." Anubis' super-drones ring in and engage SG-1 in a firefight. O'Neill goes to a chair and platform much like the one on the fiery planet, removes a burnt-out power supply from the platform and replaces it with the new one. He then activates the chair and platform. Thousands of energy beams shoot upward into space; they avoid the Prometheus, which has engaged Anubis' mothership — and destroy Anubis and his fleet! Back in the ice cave, it is now obvious that this base, like the outpost on the molten planet, is not the Lost City. O'Neill, drained to exhaustion, indicates that he needs to go into the chamber he pointed out earlier. The chamber activates, freezing O'Neill into suspended animation as he says, "Aveo ... amacuse" — Ancient for "good-bye."


Richard Dean Anderson as Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill

Samantha Carter

Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter


Douglas Christopher Judge as Teal'C

Daniel Jackson

Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson

George Hammond

Don S. Davis as George Hammond



Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper


Martin Wood