Original Air Date: 02/11/2000

While preparing for a week of leave, Col. Jack O'Neill is engulfed in a white glow and disappears. Maj. Samantha Carter immediately recognizes that O'Neill has been transported away by the Asgard. O'Neill materializes, a little disoriented, on Thor's ship. He begins to hear a strange sound and moments later is faced with hundreds of menacing-looking metallic bugs. He freezes as they swarm past him. O'Neill heads in the direction the bugs came from and finds a very weak Thor. Thor tells O'Neill that he is dying and directs him to a control panel for further information, because he is too weak to continue explaining what has happened. O'Neill learns that these bugs, called Replicators, are artificial organisms that have overtaken Thor's ship and have directed it toward Earth. The effects of the Replicators reaching Earth would be devastating. O'Neill appears back in the briefing room of Stargate Command in the form of a hologram. He informs Gen. Hammond and the rest of SG-1 of the situation. He orders them to gather a large amount of explosives that he will transport up. The team, of course, wants to be transported up as well, but O'Neill orders them not to come. O'Neill can't believe his eyes when the explosives arrive with SG-1 in tow. They have little time to formulate a plan to outwit the Replicators and destroy the ship before it reaches Earth, hopefully finding a way to save themselves in the process. But as time runs out, the only answer seems to be a kamikaze-style sacrifice of the ship by crashing it into the sea — a tactic that will spell certain doom for the SG-1 team trapped on board....


Richard Dean Anderson as Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill

Samantha Carter

Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter


Douglas Christopher Judge as Teal'C

Daniel Jackson

Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson

George Hammond

Don S. Davis as George Hammond

Janet Fraiser

Teryl Rothery as Janet Fraiser



Robert C. Cooper


Martin Wood