Raised to be a military man, his physical prowess hides a very troubled past that at times escapes his control. On lockup from a court martial when Icarus is attacked,  he is released by Col. Young and undoubtedly looks to him for leadership. Destiny, while far away from his home and family, is a place for Greer to start anew and become the man he believes he can be.

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Jamil Walker Smith


Ronald Greer

Jamil Walker Smith started his auspicious acting career at the age of six, performing in local theater in his native Ventura, CA.  His first gig in the business was at the age of 12, guest starring in an episode of the self-titled sitcom The Sinbad Show. From there Smith has appeared in series as diverse as NYPD Blue, The Bernie Mac Show, Supernatural, Touched By An Angel, Girlfriends and Bones.  He was also a recurring voice on the animated series Hey Arnold!  Smith’s recent film In the Wind – about two brothers returning to their post-Katrina home, is currently playing the festival circuit, most recently in New Orleans and Santa Fe.