A Harvard educated aide to, and daughter of, Senator Alan Armstrong. Though privilege had gotten her through most of her life she has since made a choice to be more than another trust fund kid. Her dedication to her work helped  convince her father of the importance of the Icarus program. Forced with challenges far beyond those of a political aide, Chloe throws herself into helping the crew find a way home and finding the emotional connections she never had on Earth.

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Elyse Levesque


Chloe Armstrong

Elyse Levesque has been acting since an early age when she became part of the repertory company for the acclaimed children's television series The Incredible Story Studio.  In addition, she did commercial work and a number of small roles in television projects as well as a two-year stint playing the villainous Dr. Maxine Rich on the futuristic children's series 2030 CE.

In 2003, Levesque moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, to focus full time on an acting career. She enrolled in acting classes and has since landed a number of parts in both film and television. She has taken on diverse roles ranging from Virginia (Cissy) Poe, the ailing wife of Edgar Alan Poe, in the Masters of Horror episode "The Black Cat," to a flame wielding bog witch in Flash Gordon.  Levesque has also made guest appearances in Smallville and Men in Trees, in addition to playing lead dramatic roles in television movies and independent films. She has also had the privilege of working with acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Carl Bessai in Normal, the 2007 Vancouver International Film Festival Winner for Best Western Canadian Feature Film.