Far into an impressive Air Force career, Col. Young  took a step back to oversee Icarus security in hopes that he could spend more time with his wife. Reluctantly thrust back into a leadership role, he does his best to watch over those stranded, both civilian and military. Torn between what’s best for survival and what’s most likely to get them home, he comes into constant conflict with both Rush and Wray. Like a father figure to Lt. Scott and others on the ship, his actions don’t always follow his advice.

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Louis Ferreira


Everett Young

Ferreira is a familiar face from his work in many television series including lead roles for NBC in Hidden Hills, Fighting Fitzgeralds, Trinity and Missing for Lifetime.

In 2009 he was featured as David Mayles in the HBO film Grey Gardens opposite Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore. Other film work includes roles with Mark Walberg in Shooter for Paramount, and The Lazarus Child – a thriller that starred Angela Basset and Andy Garcia.  He has had the pleasure of working with many top notch directors including Peter Segal, John Wells, Gary David Goldberg, Stephen Boccho and his favorite Canadian directors, David Cronenberg and Nicholas Campbell.

Ferreira won rave reviews for his portrayal of ‘The Donald’ in Trump Unauthorized and was a lead in the A&E acclaimed miniseries Andromeda Strain.  He won the 2008 Gemini Award for Leading Actor for his chilling portrayal of serial killer Ray Prager in Durham County.  Ferreira is delighted to join the Stargate Universe team as Colonel Everett Young.

When all is said and done, Ferreira’s proudest ‘credits’ are his beautiful kids, Aidan and Sawyer.