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David Hewlett


Rodney McKay

David Hewlett has spent the last 5 years playing Dr. Rodney McKay, the brilliant and lovably sarcastic astrophysicist on the hit television series (and People’s Choice Award winner) Stargate Atlantis. The show has made Hewlett an international fan favourite, winning him the 2006 Spacey Award for Favorite TV Character.

His career began in his early teens, when he hooked up with a few of his fellow schoolmates and started acting in their early film efforts. Hewlett still runs with the same crowd of independant filmmakers, collaborating with Vincenzo Natali and William Phillips on the feature films Cube, Treed Murray, Cypher, Foolproof and Nothing.

In addition to his role on Stargate Atlantis, highlights from Hewlett's television credits include guest starring roles on The Closer, ER, Without a Trace and The District, and recurring roles on Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Beyond Reality and the Canadian hit series Traders, for which he garnered two Gemini nominations. Hewlett has also had leading roles in The Triangle, And Never Let Her Go, The Penthouse and the critically-acclaimed The Boys of St. Vincent, as well as two films for the SCI FI Channel: Darklight and Boa vs. Python.

On the big screen, Hewlett's credits include Vincenzo Natali’s soon to be released Splice, produced by Guillermo Del Toro and Helen, working opposite Ashley Judd, which screened at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Other films include Clutch, and John Boorman's Where the Heart Is, as well as cult favorites like Scanners II, Desire and Hell at the Sunset Motel and Pin.

Hewlett's writing and directing debut, A Dog's Breakfast, was recently released by MGM and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. A Dog's Breakfast is a bone-jarring, head-smacking, fiancé bashing comedy about family, marriage, madness and murder.

David was one of the twisted minds behind the feature film Nothing and developed the Global Television pilot script Domain with Toronto-based CORE Digital. 

David is currently developing the series Starcrossed - a 30 Rock-style comedy about the making of a scifi space soap, and a feature-length science-fiction pilot Judas Run for MGM.  Both are projects in which he will also star.