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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Elyse Levesque

By Ten Things, Apr 29th, 2011

 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Elyse Levesque

Oh Chloe, you've caused so much trouble.  First you break poor Eli's heart by hooking up with Lt. Scott, then you go and get abducted by aliens and subsequently put the ship in jeopardy.  Recently though, Chloe Armstrong has been quite the asset to the Destiny crew thanks to her residual alien knowledge and growing self confidence.  Daddy's little girl is all grown up.

The beautiful Elyse Levesque has ten things she'd like you to know about her.  Read on:

Elyse Levesque1. Born and raised in the city that rhymes with fun. Regina. That's right! It sounds like....

2. Am one third of a rap group known as "Coupla hot chicks...maybe three". Am also frequently referred to as the "maybe" of the trio. Whatever, I'll take it for the team.

3. Not a fan of seafood. Yes, that means I don't eat sushi.

4. Three of my front teeth are capped, after a dodgeball incident in grade 7 gym class.

5. Am an only child.

6. Am a yogi.

7. Am obsessed with perfumes that smell like dessert.

8. Lived in Taipei, Osaka, Tokyo, Athens, Milan, Munich, Madrid and Barcelona between the ages of 18-20.

9. Fluent in French. Sort of.

10. Have a fascination with accents. I tend to bust out into them at the most inopportune times.

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