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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mike Dopud

By Ten Things, Apr 15th, 2011

 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mike Dopud

Varro has the hots for TJ.  And it seems the feeling is mutual.  Col. Young is not too happy about it.  Can Varro be trusted?  He is Lucian Alliance after all.  Though he's been quite helpful aboard Destiny.  He helped defuse that bomb in Homeworld Command.  And he sacrificed the last of his Lucian Alliance crewmates to help track down a missing TJ.  Now he's a free man... let's see what happens.

Now you can find out a little about the tough guy in the leather pants.  Meet Mike Dopud:

Mike Dopud1. I speak 3 languages. (English, Serbian and French) How well I speak them.....is debatable.

2. I have a B.S. in Physiology from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

3. I won the Leland P. Lingle award at SIU (Award given to student who best combines Academics and Athletics).

4. I have been "beaten up" on screen by Jessica Alba, Lucy Liu and Kristen Kreuk, to name a few.

5. My right leg is shorter than my left leg.

6. My favorite movie growing up was "Mad Max". Probably the main reason I became an actor.

7. I won a Regional "Spelling Bee" Championship in the 4th grade.

8. According to my wife Angela, I grill a mean steak!

9. I love vacationing in the Carribean! (Barbados, Saint Martin)

10. During my life I have been hit by 3 cars as a pedestrian. All Random accidents which I came away from relatively unscathed, but you should see the cars!

Follow Mike on Twitter @dopudmike.

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