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I’ll Take Pleasure In Gutting You, Boy.

By Eli Wallace, Apr 18th, 2011

I’ll Take Pleasure In Gutting You, Boy.

I need a new shirt. The humor has not been lost on me, Millbarge. I walk around this ship every day in a red shirt. Every one of my friends at Comic-Con would be screaming at me, wondering why I ever go through this gate. That is, if they knew this was all real. And if they knew what a gate was. Or if I had actual friends. But every time I step through that gate, I wonder if today will be the day I prove the theory correct. But real life isn't like fiction. It's everyone else who dies around you when you wear a red shirt. Hell, I don't even have to go through the gate. Just having it seems to do the trick.


I'll Take Pleasure

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