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Lt. Tamara Johansen’s Costume Change

By Valerie Halverson, Jan 21st, 2011

Lt. Tamara Johansen’s Costume Change

Valerie Halverson is the Costume Desinger for Stargate Universe.  Here she describes her process for creating Lt. Tamara Johansen's alternate costume.

In the episode "Faith", TJ had morning sickness and then announced that she was pregnant to Chloe and Scott. We still saw TJ in her Icarus uniform in "Human" as she had not told Col. Young yet.

In "Sabotage" we changed her into  Air Force (ABU) pants which we have in the trunks on the Destiny. I felt that the ABU pant kept a military feel to her character And then a chivalrous gentleman loaned her a button front shirt. This striped shirt was seen on a Destiny background player established in the series premier "Air". I wanted our fans to be able to connect the costume that TJ is wearing to someone on the Destiny.

It was not believable that TJ would be able to wear her uniform throughout her pregnancy. From a design point of view it adds layers within our show to have people mending and borrowing clothes.


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