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Camile’s Costume Changes

By Valerie Halverson, Jan 14th, 2011

Camile’s Costume Changes

Valerie Halverson is the Costume Desinger for Stargate Universe.  Here she describes her process for creating Camile Wray's alternate costumes.

Camile started in a navy pant suit with a burgundy sweater and in "Faith" changed into a teal tank top under a brown pointelle cardigan, keeping her navy pants.

Camile Wray did bring a bag with a change of clothes but as there was so much action in the beginning episodes, we did not change any of our destiny surivors until later on.

In "Pain" she was stabbed, and after changing into a sand uninform t-shirt in the infirmary, she later put on a grey blouse but kept her pants the same.


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