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Lucian Army Costumes

By Valerie Halverson, Jan 7th, 2011

Lucian Army Costumes

Valerie Halverson is the Costume Desinger for Stargate Universe.  Here she describes her process for creating the Lucian Army costumes.

The army consisted of both male and female soldiers, all in similar costumes.  Like Varro, all had the padding built into the leather pants and shirt.  

Some of the army wore vests over their shirts which designated them as scientists.

We built the whole army in our shop and they started out as perfect black leather outfits.  I then worked with my breakdown department to make them look old by layering paint colors on so:

1.  They would not disappear against the icarus uniforms, and

2.  Looked like unique fabric.

I then battle scarred them to show what the Lucian people had, perhaps, been through.

Attached is an image of Luciant Alliance member Koz.


Koz's Costume

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