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Joel from Northern Sweden asks:  What character on the show would you like to go out on a date with in real life?

Brian J. Smith answers:  Chloe! Duh! :)

Updated 6 years ago

The Classic

Jakob from Uppsala, Sweden asks:  What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Julia Benson answers:  Chocolate Chip Mint.  I always try fun new flavors but regret not going for the classic.

Updated 6 years ago

Act Accordingly

Robert from Perth asks:  When you're shooting a gate scene, do you imagine it's real? And if so, do you get nervous before walking through it?

Julia Benson answers:  Whenever I am on set, I always imagine myself in the situation and then act accordingly.  The Stargate and the rest of the Destiny set are so incredible that it makes it easy to feel like you are there.

Updated 6 years ago


Vincent from Slovakia, Europe asks:  If the Stargate actually existed, would you have the courage to step through?

David Blue answers:  Absolutely. I love exploration and the unknown. I'd be one of the first people to volunteer to go through and see what's out there.

Updated 6 years ago

Evidence Of Pets

Michael from Honolulu asks:  If you could find anything while exploring the rest of Destiny, what would it be?

Jennifer Spence answers:  Would love to find evidence that the ancients had pets!

Updated 6 years ago


Julie from Sliven, Bulgaria asks:  What do you think about the new aliens from the episode “Space”?  Did you know what they looked like before you started shooting?

Julia Benson answers:  I thought the aliens from Space were incredible.  In fact that was my favorite episode of the first season!  We do get to see drawings before we shoot but it is always amazing to see the special effects once everything comes together.

Updated 6 years ago

We Turned Him Blue!

Robert from Dombóvár asks:  What was the funniest mistake you made or the funniest scene you played in?

Patrick Gilmore answers:  Oh c'mon. Where do I start?  Check out the Kino "Wait For It".  As scripted it ended with us giggling at Brody's misfortune and Scott asking "What did you guys do?" In one take Haig Sutherland improvised and blurted out "We turned him blue!" It was so unexpected and ridiculous that I fell apart...and that's the cut they used. Look for it, that's me actually laughing. That happens at least once a day on the SGU set.

Updated 6 years ago


Ed from England asks:  Do you watch the show after production?

Julia Benson answers:  Absolutely!  I am very proud to be a part of SGU.  Sometimes the cast will get together and watch and other times, I check it out with family and friends!  My friends that have never watched Sci-Fi before like watching it with me so I can talk them through certain parts, lol!

Updated 6 years ago


Frances from Sherman Oaks, CA asks:  What kind of pet would your character like to have with them on Destiny? Does your character have a pet on Earth that they’re missing?

David Blue answers:  I've always loved Orbitty from The Jetsons. He was so cute. I just want to play with him all day.

Updated 6 years ago

Hang Out

Rainer from Tallinn, Estonia asks:  What do you do on set when you’re not acting?

Julia Benson answers:  Last year I was working on a series that I created with my husband Peter and another colleague.  In the down time, that kept me very busy both on and off set!  When I wasn’t working on that, the rest of the cast and I would hang out in between scenes.  Our set is a ton of fun to be on and there is always someone to catch up with.  Someone usually has music playing, our trailer doors are typically open and we all really enjoy spending time together!

Updated 6 years ago